Monday, November 1, 2010

Winner of Whimsey & Co gift certificate

Sorry in the delay, I was having a malfunction in my account...

The Lucky One is....
#35-The Canady Family

Via Random.Org

Thank you everyone for participating and check back often for more fabulous finds!

Don't forget to visit Whimsey & Co, for all your personalized custom needs! (Hint Hint, Christmas is less than a couple of months away, so get your orders in!!!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whimsey & Co $25 Gift Certificate

I love the look and the quality, but mostly I love the personalization you can get from getting something custom made. Custom made items are exceptional for gift giving! When I was browsing through etsy shops back in January searching for a Big Brother shirt I wanted my son to wear to our baby shower, I stumbled on Amber's shop Whimsey & Co. I absolutely fell in love with her "big bro & lil sis" shirts. After convo-ing her back and forth a few times, we decided on a custom creation for My Sweet Boy and his little sister to be. Using coordinating fabrics Amber sent me the 2 most darling shirts. It was the same shirt he wore to the hospital to welcome his new lil sis into the world. They have become one of those items that will go in our hope chest, so I can share it with them for years to come.

I have also received a custom made bath/beach towel from Whimsey & Co that I have been dying to tell everyone about.

This was our IT item for the summer! We received compliments galore on this one! Amber, at Whimsey & Co, took a standard high quality bath towel, altered it into an adorable hooded towel, and adorned it with some of the most darling fabrics. The result was a super high quality, durable, cute as it could be, custom creation for My Sweet Boy. I love this one so much, I will soon be ordering one in pink for Miss Sassy Britches!

These are just a few things this adorable Etsy shop has to offer, but you can find one of a kind t-shirts, pillows, gift sets, and much more at Whimsey & Co.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Whimsey & Co. She has made it a point to take the time and make sure each item I have ordered from her shop has exceeded my expectations.
Whimsey & Co has decided to give someone out there a chance to sample some of the super awesome stuff they have to offer. A $25 gift certificate is up for grabs, all you have to do is visit Whimsey & Co shop on etsy and tell me what you favorite item is.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Winners Announced!!!

Christmas in July has obviously come to an end! Winners check your emails for further information!

Company's Comin' Giveaway
Completed on Sunday, 15 August 2010 at 03:11:42 UTC
271 entrants, 1 winner
#82 MissyBeez

Bombat Washer Giveaway
Completed on Sunday, 15 August 2010 at 03:24:53 UTC
64 entrants, 1 winner
#38 terri 142

China Baroque Giveaway
Completed on Sunday, 15 August 2010 at 03:33:34 UTC
153 entrants, 2 winners
#26 bmom76
#95 Vicki S

Thank you to everyone who entered and check back often!

Thanks again to all the sponsors!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

China Baroque Giveaway, 2 Winners!

Christmas in July is coming to a close, and I can't think of a better way to end than sharing with you one of my favorite finds.

China Baroque is an online retailer based out of Houston that takes broken pieces of china and fabricates custom pieces of sterling jewelry. They have a wonderful collection of stock pieces for purchase online and even more choices in their store front, but what made me fall in love with China Baroque was their capability to make custom pieces using your very own broken china pieces. It tears your heart in two to see your beautiful china crack or break, but it makes your stomach queasy to throw any of it away. I know it does mine anyway. What a creative way to show off a family heirloom that is no longer suitable for its original use.

I am incredibly pleased with the quality of the pieces I have received from China Baroque. It is visibly clear in their quality how much they care, and want to provide pieces of jewelry that you will cherish for a lifetime. They have a unique ability to show case your broken china without loosing its original appeal.

To check out what they have to offer, visit them on the web a

Thanks to my new friends a China Baroque for the opportunity to review their one of a kind products. For my fellow readers, they are offering up 2 $50 gift certificates. That's right, TWO readers will win a $50 gift certificate to China Baroque. All you have to do it visit their online shop and leave me a comment telling me what you would spend it on. Easy enough!

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You have until August 12th to enter, so don't delay!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bombat Washer Giveaway

Everyone knows the game... Similar to horse shoes. Washers, Washer toss, Holey Board, whatever you call it, it is a staple in American backyard games.
Bombat Washers provides the highest quality powder coated washers, boards, and accessories you can find.

We can't seem to have a get together with out pulling out the boards and pitching a few games. My husband was giddy when Bombat Washers sent me their Texas A&M Washer "Pit Kit."

It comes with 2 sets of powder coated A&M pitching washers, handy dandy little carrying cases for them, 2 PVC cups, and of course the rules to complete the set all wrapped up in neat little package.

They offer Officially Licensed Collegiate washer games to their very own classic designs like smiley faces or flames. You can even customize your pitching washers with your very own text. To accompany your washers, they offer several different boards, and accessories too. I'm putting the Telescoping Pick Up Magnet on my husbands Christmas list for sure!

If you already have a set, these make a great gift. Anyone at any age can play this game. (My Sweet Boy has been pitching washers like his Daddy since his 1st birthday. He's almost 2, and has got great "technique"...he's so proud of himself!)

If you are from another planet and aren't quite sure what this game is all about, check out and get your learn on in Washers 101. You can even learn the "History" of the game right their on their website.

Bombat Washers is giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to one lucky winner, all you have to do is visit Bombat Washers and tell me what your favorite item is.

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You have until August 5th to enter, so hurry hurry, hurry!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Company's Comin' $40 Gift Basket

As promised, Thanks to my wonderful sponsors, we are feeling especially giving this month. Christmas In July has Begun! So many fun and exciting things to check out and plenty of opportunities to WIN in the weeks to come.

Grab the Button, and tell everyone you know!

What comes to your mind when you think of the Holiday's? Family,Friends,and Food right? I'm no Betty Crocker, but even if you definatley need to check out Company's Comin' and Easy as Pie! Casseroles, Dips, Pie mixes, and MORE! All neatly packaged in containers cute enough to give them as a gift!

Check out the amazing assortment I received from Company's Comin'! (Basket was not included)

Follow the directions directley on the package by adding a few main ingredients to the selected package (and bake if required) Thats all you have to do. Your final product is an amazing dish delicious enough to claim as homemade!

If you like garlic, then the Garlic Cheeseball is the appitizer for you. Its made with, garlic, some more garlic, a bit of cream cheese, and a touch of garlic to finish it off. Yum! I have to say my favorite was their take on King Ranch Caserole. Absolutley amazing! Rich, creamy goodness! And the Chocolate Puddle Pie, ooey gooey chocolatey goodness! I couldn't help but brag to my taste testers that all I had to do was add a stick of butter and a few eggs to a pie crust and pop it in the oven. You can NOT get this pie from a box at the grocery store, that is for sure!

My new friends at Company's Comin' and Easy As Pie were generous enough to supply me with a sample gift basket, but the cherry on top is they want to give you one too! A $40 value gift assortment is your's to win...

All you have to do is...visit Company's Comin' and Easy As Pie and tell me what dip, casserole, and dessert you would like to try.
As always, extra entries are as followed:
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You don't want to miss out on this one, so make sure enter! Contest closes on July 29th at midnight!

Monday, June 21, 2010

WINNER'S of Rock 'N Learn Education DVD!

The winners of your drawing are...
1st : #5
2nd : #53

Congratulations on the drawing! It was completed on Tuesday, 22 June 2010 at 02:25:59 UTC The winners were drawn from a list of 59 entrants using true randomness...

#5 Brandy said: I like you on facebook.

#53 Shirley said: I LIKE on facebook.

Geez. I guess the Facebook page is paying off for y'all! Congratulations ladies. I will be contacting you soon!

For everyone else, You are all winners too...Don't forget with coupon code JQ7711 You get 25% off your total purchase at Rock 'N! So get some learn on for your little one's!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't forget to Enter!

Tell everyone you know, to hurry and enter here for a chance to win your very own Rock 'N Learn DVD. The folks over at Rock 'N Learn are so generous they are giving away TWO DVD's. That's right TWO winners! So enter enter enter! You only have until June 2oth!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Did you WIN a pair of Posh Legs?


Completed on Tuesday, 15 June 2010 at 04:27:56 UTC
58 entrants, 1 winner

Miranda said:
OMG how cute are these things. I think my fav's are the fuzzy legs. Too freakin cute!
May 14, 2010 3:46 PM

I hope you enjoy your leggings as much as we enjoy ours!
Thank you again to Posh Pipsqueak for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Remember to Enter for Posh Legs!!!

The Posh Leg giveaway sponsored by Posh Pipsqueak is coming to a close, so hurry and tell all you know they are running out of time to enter! Contest closes midnight on June 13th!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rock 'N Learn

My Sweet Boy is a dancing fool, so when I stumbled on to this website I knew I had to give it a try.

Rock 'N Learn is a company that provides educational dvd and cd's for children of all ages. Each dvd focus on reading, math, social studies, etc. for an individual age group.

We have a very limited amount of tv time in our house, but when the tv is on I want my children to be able to get the most out of it.
We have watched this 45 min dvd every day for a week. He will get this particular case off the rack mixed in with all the other dvd's we have and bring it to me. Once we get it in the player, he turns into a dancing machine. Great exercise for My Sweet Boy.

My Main Man and I have been amazed at what he is learning from it, too. Rock 'N Learn does an awesome job on this dvd of showing a cartoon animal and then a picture of the real thing for association. In just one week My Sweet Boy can point out a horse, a cow, and a duck. He really likes flapping him arms like a duck when he sees one now. Crazy kid. He gets so proud of himself when he sees an animal and says the name back to me. He is only 19 months so he doesn't follow the direction of the dance moves very well, but it doesn't keep him from free styling!

The folk's over at Rock 'N Learn want to give you the opportunity to experience it, too. So they have given all my readers 25% off their total purchase. All you have to do it enter this code JQ7711 at checkout.
And for 2 of my lucky readers, YES TWO, you will get to try one for free!

All you have to do is check out their website at and tell me which dvd you might choose. (make sure you leave your blog address or e-mail in your comment so I can contact you.)

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(Don’t forget to leave me a comment for each of your entries!)

Be quick about it, you only have until June 20th to enter.

I wanted say a quick thank you to Rock ‘N Learn for providing me with the opportunity to sample their product free of charge, and being so gracious to sponsor 2 additional items to give away. Let it be noted that their sponsorship did not have any impact on my opinion of their product.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Posh your Pipsqueek!

Happy birthday to me! My gift to you is a freebie! That was cheezy, sorry.

So, I am definitely a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal, but my kiddo's...I keep them dressed to the 9's! So naturally when I stumbled on to Posh Pipsqueak, I had to check it out. They have over 40 different styles of leg warmers, which are all the rage right now. Girls or boys, arms or legs, infant to toddler, even your big can outfit them all. I loved them so much, I bought Miss Sassy Britches 4 pair!

Isn't she cute!

Posh Legs.

So adorable.

Fuzzy legs.

They are great protection against red knees when your pipsqueak is crawling all around and make diaper changes especially easy. I personally love them because they are ohhh soooo cute! I have a pair in our diaper bag right now, because with this Houston weather you never know what is going to be like. You can slip them on and off with ease with out having to change an entire outfit.

Guess what...I contacted my friends over at Posh Pipsqueak and they want to give YOU a pair! One lucky winner will get a pair of Posh Legs courtesy of Posh Pipsqueak. How awesome is that!

All you have to do is check out their website at and leave me a comment letting me know what pair you would pick! (make sure you leave your blog address or an e-mail so I can contact you if you are the lucky one.)

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Don't forget to leave me a comment for each entry. (Entry's will be verified!)

Hurry up, you have until June 13th to enter!


My family has recently blossomed into a family of four thanks to the birth of Ms. Sassy Britches in March. Since joining the ever so common club of "Family of Four" I have found myself in need. Need of what you might ask? Sanity for one! But mostly stuff. Stuff to make life easier. More accomidating, if you will. My Sweet Boy is now 19 months old and Ms. Sassy Britches is 2 months.
Join me as I embark on this new journey and might just win something!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About Me

I am a mommy of 2 little ones under the age of 2! What were we thinking?!

My Sweet Boy is now 19 months old and learning new things every time I turn around. He never ceases to amaze me with the things he comes up with. He is just learning to talk and his vocabulary is increasing daily. He is exceptionally busy for his age and keeps me on my toes!

Miss Sassy Britches is just turning 10 weeks old, and believe it or not has rightfully earned her name. This girl will not look at a camera to save her life. If I catch her just right, sure I've got the shot, but the expression on her face is usually one that reads "Really Mom!" or "I have sooo many better things to do with my time." Never the less, we love her and her attitude!

With this blog, I hope to be able to pass the word on great items I find that help mommies like me accomplish tasks on their ever growing "To Do List." I might even point out things you didn't even KNOW were on your list. And if you follow might just win something! Can't beat that.

I cant go with out thanking My Main Man for providing us with the love and support we need to be able to live as comfortably as we do, and giving me the chance of a lifetime to Be able to stay home with our children and be with them through all that they do. It is something that gets taken for granted from day to day, but believe me...I know how truly blessed we are.